Adult Dyslexia


Many adults do not recognize they have dyslexia or learning disability until their own children are diagnosed.  Others can recall the pain of going to school.  Individuals do not outgrow Dyslexia or Learning Disabilities, they do not go away with age and experience.  As an adult in the workplace, learning differences may overshadow the gifts and talents that come along with Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities.

Do you face challenges in the following areas:

  • Reading - leaving out words while reading, weak comprehension
  • Writing - poor spelling, have messy writing, write in a disorganized way
  • Confuse letters and numbers that look similar
  • Pronounce words the wrong way
  • Have trouble paying attention at work or in other situations
  • Have difficulty following instructions or finishing workplace tasks
  • Make careless mistakes 
  • Have difficulty understanding charts
  • Have a poor sense of direction
  • Short term memory
  • Poor Organizational Skills 

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New View Learning offers customized Davis Programs linked to your goals and learning styles.  It is educational, effective, multi-sensory and enjoyable.

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