Davis Attention Mastery Program 


The Davis Attention Mastery Program provides individuals with effective tools to correct problems with Hyperactivity, Hypoactivity, the inability to focus and inappropriate social behaviours.  The Davis approach uses simple techniques to help with focus, control of energy and stress.  The Attention Mastery Program offers a drug free solution to help children aged 8 and over and adults to address Attention, Behaviour and Organizational Difficulties.  The Attention Mastery program can vary in length from 5 to 8 days depending on the clients individual needs.


Program Details

Davis Orientation Counseling: Provides clients with the ability to identify and self-correct distorted perceptions.  Clients will learn to turn off the thought process that causes disorientation.

Davis Symbol Mastery: Clients will identify and resolve confusion with basic symbols.

Dial and Release: are simple techniques to reduce anxiety and appropriately match energy levels to tasks or situations.

Davis Concept Mastery: Master concepts that are often missing or incorrect.  Including: Self, Change, Consequence, Cause, Effect, Before, After, Time, Sequence and Order vs Disorder.

Social Skills Development: Clients will have an increased self-esteem and self-management in social situations.

Balance and Co-Ordination: Strengthen ability to focus and improve balance with Koosh Ball Exercises.

What improvements can be expected?

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Ability to control energy level
  • Improved self-management in social situations
  • Improved ability to maintain attention focus

Eligibility and Scheduling:
The Davis Attention Mastery Program is provided to individuals ages eight and up, who are primarily motivated to resolve difficulties with attention, behavioral issues, and/or social interactions. Individuals who are taking prescribed medications for controlling Behaviour or Attention are required to consult their physician prior to discontinuing such medication.

An initial consultation and interview would determine the ideal strategy and estimated duration for this program.

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