"I would like to thank Andrea for taking the time to work with my son Theodore, on the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program.  He has learned how to focus using the tools provided: Release, Dial and Alignment when reading or when he is faced with a challenge.  The Reading Program has increased his confidence and he is ready to face new obstacles and move forward.  He really enjoys working with clay and using the dictionary at home.  We can not thank Andrea enough for her constant support, patience and understanding of Theodore's developmental needs." - Georgia and Theodore

"When I started my sessions with Andrea, she was my instructor. But by the end of our time together she became a friend.  Andrea is patient and kind in her approach. I was able to learn a lot from her: tactics and strategies that I still use today. As a cook, having had the Dyslexia therapy has improved my ability to work, read orders accurately as they come in, and to center myself when things get crazy.  I'd definitely recommend Andrea to family and friends who experience the effects of Dyslexia." - Jordan